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Precious metals in the medical industry

Precious metals are used for medical purposes because of their biocompatibility and radiopacity.

Platinum, palladium and gold are used to go into the body to perform functions such as catheters, markers, stents. Silver has incredible antibacterial properties, and is used in a huge range of applications in hospitals and the wider medical fields to reduce the risk of infections. Platinum is also widely used in pharmaceutical industries, especially for cancer treatment.

Cookson Industrial offers a range of gold, silver and platinum alloys that fully meet the requirements of this sector.

We can also analyse, recycle and recover your waste materials.

We can also develop customised products tailored to your needs.

Precious metals in the Dental industry

Precious and non Precious Alloys

60 years of manufacturing high quality crown and bridge precious metal and non precious alloys, have resulted in Cookson Industrial becoming the specialist in crown and bridge work shown in the wide range of high quality products backed by unrivalled service.


Along side alloys Cookson Industrial are a key supplier of premium dental amalgams. As a trusted supplier, we provide high-quality alloys designed for durability and ease of use. Elevate your dental practice by choosing our reliable dental amalgams – the go-to choice for lasting restorations. Order now for excellence in every application.

Precious Metal Solders

Our high-quality solders complete the broad range of alloys for professional use in the dental laboratory.