Refining and Recycling

Collect, analyse, treat and recycle your precious metal waste


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Our refining site in the UK enables us to collect, analyse, treat and recycle all your waste, whether in solid form (stamping grids, manufacturing scrap, assembled parts, electronic components, etc) or liquid form (electroplating baths).

Cookson Industrial guarantees strict compliance with current regulations at every stage of the waste recovery process, from transport to metal recovery.

Once the metal has been refined, you have the option to receive a financial settlement, or hold the metal in an account with Cookson Industrial, which you can then use against future orders, or just leave as an investment.


What do we refine?

We refine all materials containing precious metals: 

  • Stamping scrap
  • Electroplating scrap e.g. filters, resins, sludge, etc
  • Electronic scrap
  • Organic waste e.g. pulp residues, etc
  • Sensors
  • Ceramic waste e.g. printed circuit boards and micro-components
  • Industrial catalysts containing precious metals
  • Precious metal baths and treatment solutions

For further information on our refining and recycled services, please do not hesitate to contact us.