Additive Manufacturing

Cookson Industrial are a world leading expert in precious metal additive manufacturing. We offer a true end-to-end solution for all Precious Metal Additive Manufacturing, whatever your industry.

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Additive Manufacturing

Precious Metal Additive Manufacturing and Manufacturing go hand in hand, with the ability to produce tools, prototypes and complicated assemblies faster than traditional manufacturing where large industries such as automotive, aerospace and even defence, adopting this new technology.

With infinite design possibilities to evolve what already exists or create the next innovation within your industry. Create complex geometries that mimic nature to maximise output and reduce costs of producing your key components.

Create, innovate and iterate with no limits. Customised parts designed for its final use, made when needed – constantly evolving with testing and use, making your production lean and efficient.

Benefits of additive manufacturing

  • Mass Customisation
  • Shorter tim-to-market
  • Supply Chain simplification
  • Weight reduction
  • Complex geometries
  • No tooling costs

Atomised Powders

Cookson Industrial manufacturers it own atomised precious metal powder products, which sets us apart from a lot of precious metals manufacturers. Our range of atomised powders can be used in a wide range of industries, including large scale industrial, manufacturing and luxury goods such as jewellery. 

We have the capabilities to produce both high purity precious and non-precious metals in a completely spherical, clean, oxide free, high flowability powder form. Typically we can produce powders of size less than 200 microns, with less than 30ppm impurity and yields of greater than 70%. 

Our analysis capabilities are second to none; we run rigorous quality checks to ensure consistency across every batch produced. We can also provide you with average flow, particle size distributions and the chemistry of the powders.

  • 9k Yellow Gold Powder
  • 9k Red Gold Powder
  • 9k White Gold Powder
  • 14k Yellow Gold Powder
  • 14k Red Gold Powder
  • 14k White Gold Powder
  • 18k 3N Yellow Gold Powder
  • 18k 4N Rose Gold Powder
  • 18k 5N Red Gold Powder
  • 18k White Pd13.9 (Ni Free) Gold Powder
  • 22k Yellow Gold Powder
  • 9999 Fine Gold Powder
  • Pd 950 Palladium Powder
  • Pd 999 Palladium Powder
  • Pt/Ru Platinum (Pt95.6/Ru4.4) Powder
  • Pt/Rh Platinum (Pt80/Rh20) Powder
  • Pt/Ir Platinum (Pt90/Ir10) Powder
  • Pt 9999 Platinum Powder
  • AG925 Silver Powder
  • Ag 720 Silver Powder Cu28
  • Ag 800 Silver Powder
  • Ag Fine Silver Powder 9999

Atomised Powder applications

The atomised powders can be used in the following applications and processes : 

  • Additive manufacturing
  • 3d Printing
  • Metal injection moulding (MIM)
  • Press & sinter technology
  • Industrial brazing

For further information on our atomised powders and additive manufacturing capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.