Atomised Powders

Precious Metal Powder Production

At Cookson Industrial we manufacture all our atomised powder in-house. With the ability to produce high purity precious metals, in a completely spherical, clean oxide-free powder.

Powder Properties

Gas Atomisation
  • A premier process for creating high-quality, spherical metal powders,¬†
  • Ideal for additive Manufacturing and Metal injection molding, this technique is renowned for producing powders with exceptional characteristics¬†
  • Particle Size: Predominantly less than 200 microns for precise applications
  • Purity Level: Achieving less than 30 parts per million (ppm), ensuring top-tier quality.¬†
  • Flowability: Outstanding, facilitating ease of use in various applications
  • High production Yield: With optimisation, yields can surpass 70%, making it an efficient choice
Ultrasonic Atomisation

In our pursuit of excellence, we also employ Ultrasonic Atomisation. This method is tailored for the production of ultra-fine, spherical powders, particularly suited for small-scale, high-precision tasks. The process involves:

  • Advanced Technique: Utilising an electric arc from a tungsten electrode to melt materials.
  • Innovative Method: Feeding wire or rod into the arc, with ultrasonic vibrations breaking the molten material into fine droplets.
  • Particle Size Distribution (PSD): Achieving a narrow range of 0-100 microns for specific application requirements.