Paint and Varnish Coatings

Ceramic compound application to apply high quality colour

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COLORIT ® paint and Varnish Coatings

In the medical and dental industries, instruments can be labelled safely and reliably with the COLORIT® biocompatible marking system.

Our COLORIT ® range comes in a variety of different colours and is ready to use on any precious metal or non precious metal materials. Once the colour has been applied, it is cured using blue UV light. After curing the colours remain colourfast and can be polished and cleaned to achieve that high quality finish. Another benefit of COLORIT ® its more durable and stronger than enamels and is highly resistant to scratching, shock and impact.

Benefits of COLORIT ®

This system – based on a composite material with ceramic reinforcement – is available in standard colours or customised shades. There are so many benefits to COLORIT ®

  • Composite material with ceramic reinforcement
  • Biocompatible and patented
  • Quick and easy to process, grind and polish
  • Resistant to adhesion, scratches, impact and wear
  • Can be sterilised. Meets medical and technical requirements
  • High colour fastness and UV stability
  • Finished parts can be galvanised
  • Individual, high-quality colour design
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis and many solvents